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Membership Benefits: Profit from Your Appearance offers many opportunities to help visitors perceive of you as an expert in your field. Go to Article

Getting Personal
Divorce Interactive arranges its content by telephone area code. When our developmental vision is ultimately fulfilled,... Go to Article

Divorce Shopping on the Internet
It was a cold winter evening. A middle-aged man could be seen... Go to Article

Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends
Who you know may ultimately determine how well you are able to help clients successfully navigate the divorce process. Go to Article

Publish or Perish
Publishing your expertise on Divorce Interactive can help distinguish you from the competition and further your professional goals. Go to Article

Suppose You Built a Web Site & Nobody Came
So you built a beautiful web site! Now what? Internet marketing tips for divorce professionals. Go to Article


Divorce News


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The Matrimonial 'Dating Game'
Should the date of commencement of dismissed or discontinued actions be used for classification or valuation date purposes? Analysis of recent decisions in the context of prior law and the structure of DRL 236(B). Go to Article

O'Brien Revisited - Impermissible Separate Property Capture Exacerbates Reality Gap
This article discusses a central classification flaw that reposes within the O'Brien doctrine and examines how the failure to deal with this issue inflates the marital property value imputed to a license or degree attained during the marriage. Go to Article

The Key to Understanding Highly Complex Compensation Benefits: Getting the Real Facts
Annual Conference of Association of Divorce Financial Planners Go to Article

Model Risk and Valuation
Models are used in business all the time and for a variety of reasons. Without models, it would be hard to forecast earnings... Go to Article

Setting Up Shop with Other Divorce Professionals: Precedent-Setting Rules for Attorneys Adopted in New York
New York has recently become the first state in the nation to adopt rules governing lawyer participation... Go to Article

Should Retirement Plans Be Discounted for Taxes? 
By Carl Palatnik, CFP, CDFA

Discounting retirement plans for taxes is a tricky business and can sometimes lead to problematic or inequitable settlements. Although methodologies exist for valuing such plans, these methodologies do not involve tax impacting and for good reason. The problem is twofold: 1) The true after-tax value of retirement assets is context-driven and thus varies with the rate at which each of the parties will be taxed when distributions are taken; and 2) Although often ignored, these plans often involve tax-deferred compounding, which can dramatically enhance their value over time. Go to Article

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