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Professional Membership Program

About Divorce Interactive

Divorce affects many facets of a person’s life. It is often extremely difficult for people going through divorce to put together the tools and resources they need to successfully navigate the process. The goal of Divorce Interactive is to provide a resource people can turn to in order to find the help and support they need. Our strategy is to bring together consumers, divorce professionals and other resources and to actively encourage their interaction. There are numerous opportunities for visitors to interact with one another, to interact with the site and to interact with professionals in various divorce-related fields. Much has been done to encourage divorce professionals to interact with one another as well.

In keeping with this theme, the following interactive features have been put into place:

  • Discussion forums and chats on various divorce-related topics.

  • Financial calculators and worksheets.

  • Ask the Expert columns.

  • Calendars of events.

  • Information links.

  • The largest listing of divorce support groups available on the web.

  • Directory of divorce professionals, linked to visitors by telephone area code.

Privileges of Membership

Divorce Interactive also has a business-to-business side. In addition to being able to identify and work with allied divorce professionals listed on the site, Divorce Interactive will have articles of interest on such topics as marketing, practice management and various divorce-related issues, as well as a professional calendar of events.

In addition, Professional Members have the numerous opportunities to contribute and otherwise become more intimately involved with consumers visiting the site.

For more information about becoming a professional Member of Divorce Interactive, see Join Us.