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Moving Out, Moving On

By Joyce Glicker

April 2005 - Comforts of Home

Splitting up is never easy, and one of the hardest things I found when going through divorce was the loss of comfort from things I never had to think about before.

If you are the one to leave, you may not only be leaving a past love and children, but most of those everyday amenities you had become accustomed to – the coffee mug that held that perfect sized cup of coffee or the can opener that worked perfectly every time. How about the way your bed felt when you came home from a long arduous day? Remember the feeling you had when you stepped out of that long power shower and had that extra long towel envelope you? These are the things I missed most when I was feeling my loneliest.

It is hard to feel the loss of a past love. Because of this, the absence of even a few favorite possessions can easily get you down? Just as important as getting back out there filling up your date book, you need to start filling up your home with things that make you happy. You may not be able to control the emptiness of your bed right now, but you can certainly control the fullness of your comforts. Take control of your house and make it your home. And next time you are feeling lonely, go out and indulge yourself on a sizzling frying pan and make yourself the messiest, juiciest egg and bacon sandwich you’ve ever had!


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