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Choosing A Divorce Professional

Finding a divorce professional who is right for you takes time and thought. Here are some guidelines:

The divorce process often starts with an attorney, a mediator or a financial planner. An attorney provides legal advice and can assist you if you decide to litigate your case. A mediator can help you and your spouse negotiate a settlement, thus bypassing litigation. If a mediator also happens to be an attorney, he or she can provide legal advice, but most often will provide legal information only. A divorce financial planner provides financial advice but not legal advice. He or she can help you understand the financial realities of your situation, helping you to make financially sound decisions. The planner will often refer a lawyer or mediator to help you resolve your situation. A marriage and family counselor or a therapist is often an important part of the team as well, especially if children are involved, you are having a difficult time adjusting or controlling your emotions or if it is likely that your decisions will be too emotionally driven. Because the divorce process is complex, other experts such as forensic accountants, who do financial detective work, may be called upon at various stages of the process to provide support for you and your team.

However you enter the process, it is important that you put together a divorce team you feel comfortable with, a team that is experienced and that you can afford. It is often best to meet with a few people before hiring anyone. This will be one of the most, if not the most important decision you will make in the divorce process and should be done with great care.

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