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Glossary of Child Support Enforcement Terms

Glossary of Child Support Enforcement Terms

Office of Child Support Enforcement



ACF Administration for Children and Families
AEI Automated Administrative Enforcement of Interstate Cases
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AT Action Transmittal
AVR Automated Voice Response System
CCA Consumer Credit Agencies
CCD+ Cash Concentration and Disbursement "Plus"
CCPA Consumer Credit Protection Act
CEJ Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction to modify a support order
CP Custodial Party
CSE Child Support Enforcement Agency
CSENet Child Support Enforcement Network
CTX Corporate Trade Exchange
DCL Dear Colleague Letter
DHHS United States Department of Health and Human Services
DOB Date of Birth
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EVS Enumeration and Verification System
FCR Federal Case Registry of Child Support Orders
FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number
FFCCSOA Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards
FMS Financial Management Service
FPLS Federal Parent Locator Service
FSA Family Support Act
FVI Family Violence Indicator
IM Information Memorandum
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IV-A Title IV-A of the Social Security Act
IV-D Title IV-D of the Social Security Act
IV-E Title IV-E of the Social Security Act
MAO Medical Assistance Only
MSFIDM Multistate Financial Institution Data Match
MSO Monthly Support Obligation
NACHA National Automated Clearing House Association
NCP Non-Custodial Parent
NDM Network Data Mover
NDNH National Directory of New Hires
NH New Hire
NPRC National Personnel Records Center

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